Our studio is home to a variety of classes and movement styles where we are confident there is something for everyone.

Our class timetable can be found below. 

We welcome real people with real bodies to our classes. Whether you are looking for a class to loosen off stiff joints, ease aches and pains, build strength and stamina, improve mental health or simply get moving – you are very welcome here.

Our classes are booked in blocks, which guarantees you your space. This allows us to keep class numbers small and gives our teachers a chance to get to know you, and you to know them.

We’re also realistic and know that life gets in the way sometimes and you can’t make it along to your regular class – this is you also have access to a bank of online classes, to ensure you don’t miss out!

Studio Timetable

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Day Time Class Teacher
Monday 9.30am  New to Yoga Ashleigh
Monday 10.30am  Pilates Ashleigh
Monday 6.00pm Pilates Kim
Monday 7.00pm Pilates Kim
Monday 8.00pm Hatha Yoga Jenny
Tuesday 9.30am Pilates  Ashleigh 
Tuesday 7.00pm Pilates  Kayleigh
Tuesday 8.00pm  Pilates  Kayleigh
Wednesday 10.30am  Hatha Yoga Jenny
Thursday  9.30am  Pilates  Kim
Thursday  10.30am  New to Yoga Kim
Thursday  6.00pm Hatha Yoga  Audrey
Thursday  7.00pm  Pilates  Becky
Thursday  8.00pm  Pilates  Becky
Friday  9.30am  Pilates  Becky
Friday  6.00pm  Pilates  Alexis
Friday  7.00pm  Pregnancy Pilates  Alexis
Sunday  6.30pm  Pilates  Ashleigh 
Sunday  7.30pm  Stretch & Relax  Ashleigh