Bonnyrigg Studio

Our Bonnyrigg studio hosts our largest variety of Pilates and Yoga classes in Midlothian. These classes allow you to  sync your mind and body through gentle movement.

Whether you are a complete beginner, have a little experience, looking to improve your back or are looking for the relaxation effects of gentle movement, there is a class for you.

We have a maximum of 12 in each class (smaller numbers for specialist classes), so our teachers get a chance to know you, and you to know them.

We have regular Pilates classes, different styles of Yoga, specialist classes including Pregnancy Pilates, Mum & Baby Pilates, and Family Yoga Workshops. We also offer 1-1 Movement Therapy sessions, for further information about this service head over to our 1-1 page.

See below for our full timetable of classes. 1-1 sessions can be booked direct by emailing us on

Bonnyrigg Timetable


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Day Time Class Teacher
Monday 6.00pm New to Pilates Kim
Monday 7.00pm Pilates Kim
Monday 8.00pm Hatha Yoga Jenny
Tuesday 9.30am Pilates Ashleigh
Tuesday 6.00pm Ashtanga Yoga Donna
Tuesday 7.00pm Pilates Kayleigh
Tuesday 8.00pm Pilates Kayleigh
Wednesday 6.00pm Yin Yoga Donna
Wednesday 7.00pm Ashtanga Yoga Donna
Wednesday 8.00pm Yin Yoga Donna
Thursday 9.45am Pilates Becky
Thursday 6.00pm Hatha Yoga Audrey
Thursday 7.00pm Pilates Becky
Thursday 8.00pm Pilates Becky
Friday 9.30am Pilates Becky
Friday 10.30am Gentle Yoga Becky
Friday 6.00pm New to Pilates Alexis
Friday 7.00pm Pregnancy Pilates Alexis
Saturday 8.30am New to Pilates Sabrina
Saturday 9.30am Pilates Sabrina
Sunday 6.30pm New to Pilates Ashleigh
Sunday 7.30pm Stretch and Relax Ashleigh


Our Location

First Floor

Dalhousie Wellness Hub

Dalhousie Business Park,

Carrington Road,


EH19 3HY

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