1-1 Movement Sessions

Are you looking for specific instruction, or a session tailored completely to your body and needs?

Becky (Director) offers 1-1 sessions in Mat Pilates, Aerial Pilates and Movement Therapy.

Ashleigh offers 1-1 sessions in Mat Pilates, Postural Alignment and Movement Therapy on a Monday’s.

Kim offers 1-1 sessions in Mat Pilates, Postural Alignment and Movement Therapy on Thursday’s .

See below for booking an appointment with one of our 1-1 instructors. 


Movement Therapy:

What is it? Movement therapy is a slower approach to exercise. Taking a look at how you stand and functionally move, the instructor will create a plan to bring you back to your optimal alignment and get you moving comfortably again. Isolating the areas that need to release, stretch or strengthen, this can often feel like not a lot is happening… however it makes a huge difference. 


Mat Pilates:

Do you feel like you need more individually tailored exercises? Or would you like to work on a specific area? 1-1 Mat Pilates gives you the chance to do exactly this! With a tailored session plan, clients get so much more out of 1-1 sessions than general classes. 


Postural Alignment:

Do you feel like your unbalanced or your body is not aligned correctly? Postural Alignment is the end result of the way the body has been used over a prolonged period of time. This can compress the discs in your spine, puts tension on muscles and add stress load through the bones, joints and ligaments in your body. With 1-1 sessions you will learn what your optimum alignment should be and have tailored exercises to rebalance your body. 


Aerial Pilates:

A step up from Mat Pilates is our Aerial Pilates sessions with Becky. You will be working with the Aerial hammock which involves creating an unstable surface, making your body work harder to stabilise. There are endless ways to creatively work with the hammock, so it’s not all upside down! Sometimes, the lower the hammock, the harder it is. If you’re looking for a more exhilarating style of Pilates, come along for this.